In-Class Solutions Support Service


Academic Training and Development Coach

Personalized tutoring Online and on-site 

20-Week Session (Class/1:1)



Soft Skills Enrichment / Trauma Relief 

10 Week Session

(Professional Development Model) 

Music Therapy Community Event

Explore the history of music, introduction to music engineering and technology,

use of language. and the academic and social benefits of music.  

10 Week Program 1 +2  

Ages - 13 and Up 

  • Customized Tutoring/ICS Training 

  • Administrative Support/Substitutes/Para Professional

  • Math/Literacy Curriculum Development 

  • Early Childhood Education

  • STEM Professional Development

  • Art + Music Education 

  • Credit Recovery

  • Counselors

  • Mentors

  • Personal Development 

  • Diversification Training/Citizenship



  • Service Learning

  • Paid Internship

  • School-Community Collaboration

  • Career and Technical Education

  • Family Engagement

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