ICS Technology 

(ICS) Integrates technology, computer, mobile/digital devices, online social development and innovation into every model.


(ICS) Model and Assessments are an ICS proprietary algorithm, that serves as the best possible measure of how well a learner understood the material, their level of engagement, and track goals and achievement.  (ICS) Models are not just based on the percentage of questions correct, our models integrate opinion,    It is calculated using many factors, including the number of problems completed, level of difficulty and consistency, with superior accuracy in assessing learners achievement.

(ICS) offers customized academic training for all ages (face-face, online and/blended) for the express purposes of enhancing/integrating technology skills into instructor practice. (ICS) exceptional practices and approaches to instruction will improve student's performance in content areas as well as foster the acquisition of literacy skills, and the use of performance standards. Combination of hands-on activities, simulations, and case-study analyses that focus on the effective use of technology in teaching and learning.  







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